Anton Johannes Hejl
A Minimalist approach to music production - Anton Johannes Hejl

The ONE MIC method for recording involves setting up the band shoulder to shoulder - creating the stereo image through the positioning of each instrument relative to one Ribbon Blumlein-stereo microphone.

Standing close to each other in the same room leads to a playful and focused atmosphere, which promotes great music and great sound!

Scroll down to listen to samples of ONE MIC recording.

using the Royer SF-12 Ribbon Blumlein stereo-microphone. Additional close miking is done on voice, amplifiers and some instruments. The relative placement of the instruments is, however, planned to get a beautiful and warm stereo image from just one mic.

I like to work with fewer tracks because of the faster workflow and the creativeness it sparks. ONE MIC Recording is about letting go of some control to strengthen the art.
PAUSELAND during ONE MIC session for the Palindrome album.
"Recording using a Blumlein pair of Coles/BBC ribbons is simply the most real recorded orchestral sound I have ever experienced." - John Atkinson, Stereophile.

"There is nothing exaggerated about the SF12's sound. It is the most pure and organic mic I've ever heard." - Gregg Simmons, Audio Technology
Since 2015 I only take on projects, that I am involved in artistically - either as a musician or producer. I invest my time in music i Love.

I am in the process of building a Tiny Eco House on a hillside next to my home in Langå. This room will be for both recording and mixing music. However most of my projects have been recorded on unique locations - chosen because of their atmosphere, sound or homyness.

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previous projects have included: Chants by Lakha Lama, minimalist rock by Knud Odde, jazz & poetry by John Tchicai and Peter Laugesen, classical sax quartet, swedish folk choir, poetic jazz by Pauseland and improvisations by Claus Carlsen.
was run by my grandmothers uncle Ewing D. Nunn. His early mono recordings where done with just one microphone and superior electronics - placing his work at Hi-fi demonstrations across the globe. I am inspired by the fact that Ewing's company was a very small business which made its mark internationally.
Ewing D. Nunn was an inventor/engineer and a music lover. He built his own recording equipment and invented a red vinyl that reduced surface noise.
"....great recording engineers of yore - Lewis Layton of RCA, Robert Fine of Mercury, Bert Whyte of Everest - who were there at the dawning of the stereo age and whose work still astonishes us today. But one man has gone unacclaimed: Ewing D. Nunn, founder of the legendary Audiophile label, who was perhaps the greatest of them all. For 30 years, Nunn produced some of the finest sounds ever put on disc." - Larry Forbes in The Absolute Sound '85
write or call and tell me about your project. I am a good listener and enjoy responding to creative thoughts.
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Music room where ONE MIC projects are mixed.

ONE MIC / Fabulous Gramophone
Lykkegårdsvej 384 B
Toustrup Mark
DK-8472 Sporup

phone: (0045) 28 1887 14
CVR nr.: 27862225

To give you an idea of the many directions our projects have taken, we have picked a few samples for you to listen to.

Knud Odde