Anton Johannes Hejl - Professional Bassplayer and owner of ONEMIC Recording and Fabulous Gramophone
My name is Anton Johannes Hejl - most people call me Johs.

I am a working musician who also runs the company - ONE MIC/Fabulous Gramophone.

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is the Double-bass stringed with gut and steel for an earthy and growling voice. I enjoy exploring the instruments sonic possibilities - pizz/arco/slap - from dark and soft to scratchy and distorted. I also own a collection of odd and rare electric basses - Ampeg Baby-Bass, Hofner, Eko, 8-string, Fender/Mörch 5-string, Rickenbacker and VOX.
on ONE MIC sessions since 1999. Reviews, sound-clips and feedback from musicians I have worked with, can be found at the ONE MIC pages of this site.

Through the record label Fabulous Gramophone I have released vinyl projects in imaginative packaging - Claus Carlsen/pop-up Lp - Knud Odde/Box of three 7". The mission of the company has been to create a platform for highly experimental projects. You can place an order through my webshop.
I experienced two very separate worlds - America was colorful, chaotic and a materialistic heaven. Denmark was aesthetic and sensible. I was born in 1972 at Nordenfjord World University in Thy. This experimental Højskole is mostly known for the fact that John Lennon and Yoko Ono spent a winter there. My father was a Vietnam War draft dodger from San Francisco. My mother moved from Detroit to Bornholm to study pottery. They met at the school where he was the editor of the school's publication Physiognomy and she was ongoing secretary and yoga teacher.
Yoko Ono and John Lennon at Nordenfjord World University in Thy - also known as Verdensuniversitetet.
Since 2007 I live with my family of five in the co-housing project Toustrup Mark. The 68 people who live here represent all walks of life and therefore differences of opinion are plentiful. It is a lifestyle my family and I truly enjoy. I write a blog about our communities everyday life. 2015 We are moving to house in Langå - turning the page to new adventures.
Johs playing the bass - soundclips